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Amalco Completes Purchase of Omega Tool

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J — American Aluminum Company (Amalco) completed the purchase of Omega Tool Company, formerly of San Bernardino, California, in March, the company announced recently. Under the terms of the sale, Amalco acquired the intellectual property of Omega Tool, including all presses, tooling, and customer lists and drawings. The facility, which had been leased to Omega Tool, was not included in the sale, according to a release from Amalco.

Amalco, a contract manufacturer of deep drawn and hydroformed metal products, is a fourth generation, family owned business established in 1910. The vertically integrated metal forming company specializes in custom enclosures produced by either deep drawing or hydroforming technologies.

Omega Tool, recognized as a quality contract manufacturer of mostly deep drawn enclosures and cans, was seen as a “perfect fit” for Amalco’s business. Products manufactured at the firm’s 20,000-square-foot facility in San Bernardino were extremely well made and, in many respects, mirrored the design and quality of those made by Amalco, according to Amalco President Andrew Brucker. Omega Tool had employed seven to 10 people.

Brucker met with Omega Owner Carlos Ramos in California in late January after hearing that Omega would be selling its business. He learned that the building, now owned by an estate that leased it to Omega Tool, would not be part of the sale because the estate would not be renewing the lease. The sale had to be completed by the end of March 2020 and the facility vacated.

As part of the sale, Brucker agreed to move all presses, machinery, and tooling to New Jersey. The move, completed over a two-month span, required 13 separate tractor trailer loads, hauled from California to New Jersey. As it makes room for the additional presses, Amalco is already manufacturing parts for several of Omega’s customers. The firm is also modifying the Omega tooling to fit its own presses, where needed, to expedite and fulfill orders from Omega’s customers.

Later this year, Omega’s most needed presses and ancillary equipment will be up and running at Amalco. Because Amalco has always been a deep draw house, like Omega, it already had the equipment needed to manufacture parts for Omega customers. The Omega presses and equipment, however, will help expand Amalco’s capabilities and services.

Amalco ( performs numerous secondary operations in addition to providing deep drawing and hydroforming. These services include CNC machining, piercing, blanking, forming, and aluminum dip brazing. The company also offers welding, painting (wet and powder), anodizing, and light assembly. All manufacturing processes, as well as tool and die design, engineering, design services, and prototyping, are performed at the firm’s facility in Mountainside, New Jersey.

The company works with all metals — aluminum, stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, brass, copper, bronze, nickel, steel, and a variety of specialty materials. Its facility meets the exacting Mil specs and standards required for government, aerospace, and military products, and is ITAR registered. Amalco serves markets such as aerospace and defense, medical, pumps, security, process control, communications, and HVAC. The company also provides services to customers in the electronics, aviation, marine, pharmaceutical, and general industrial markets.