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Deep Drawn Aluminum Cable Can

This deep drawn aluminum cable can includes pierced openings and a thin, iridite finishing. Its dimensions are 8″ in diameter x 1″.

Deep Drawn Aluminum Pressure Vessel

This is a deep drawn, cylindrical gas vessel made of aluminum. The sealing surface has been machined, and the entire vessel bas been anodized, which prevents corrosion. The dimensions of this pressure vessel are 10″ x 36″.

Deep Drawn Aluminum Time Capsule

This is a deep drawn aluminum time capsule. It has a satin emery finish and a fitted end cap. Its dimensions are 12″ x 48″.

Hydroformed Aluminum Bracket

This is a hydroformed aluminum bracket with smooth, rounded edges. Its dimensions are 9″ x 6″ x 1″.

Hydroformed Camera Housing

This is a hydroformed aluminum camera housing. The housing is pierced for fasteners and the lens. It is a seamless part.

Deep Drawn Aluminum Cover

This is a deep drawn aluminum cover manufactured using a multiple draws. Amalco painted the cover and installed the latch assembly prior to delivery. The cover is 12″ x 12″ x 6″.