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Time Capsules

Documents. Mementoes. Artifacts. No matter what you need to preserve for the future, you can count on Amalco’s Time Capsules to protect your contents from the harshest elements — as well as insects and animals.

Highest Standards

American Aluminum Time Capsules

Amalco has been fabricating high-quality aluminum products for 110 years. These include custom enclosures, military ordnance housings, industrial lighting components, rectangular cans and boxes, seamless aluminum bottles, military carrying and radio cases, and custom storage and transit containers for various explosive and toxic materials. Every operation is done under one roof for maximum efficiency and cost control. When you purchase a Time Capsule from Amalco, you can be sure that you’re getting the highest quality craftsmanship and professional service.

The Time Capsule Interior

PASSIVE PROTECTION: A dry interior is the most important factor in preserving material inside a Time Capsule. Seventy-five to 110-year-old time capsules reveal contents that are still readable, even though they may be faded, brittle or fragile. To ensure the best quality passive protection, the Time Capsule should be sealed on a cold day with low humidity or in an air-conditioned room. As a bonus, Amalco provides a desiccant — or dyring agent — to be sealed inside the Time Capsule, which removes moisture without damaging the contents. Amalco also provides an extremely strong and water-resistant adhesive with each Time Capsule and lid. This achieves the strongest, most durable bond, fills gaps and voids, and enhances the Time Capsule’s resistance to water and chemical intrusion.

Finishing the Time Capsule

The basic Time Capsule finish is a pleasing soft metallic patina. A special satin emery finish can be added if the capsule will be displayed or used in a ceremony.

Two Popular Time Capsule Models

Century Model

Century Model Time Capsule

  • 12 ¾” in diameter
  • Standard lengths 12″ to 48″ (other lengths on request)
  • Heavy gage 1/8″ thick aluminum
  • End cap can be welded or epoxied
  • Lifting rings provided on longer lengths
  • Matte finish
  • Epoxy Included
Part Number Overall Length Inches Capacity Cubic-Feet Approx. Weight
PN1275-1 MF 12 .85 20 lbs
PN1275-2 MF 24 1.7 25 lbs
PN1275-3 MF 36 2.6 30 lbs
PN1275-4 MF 48 3.4 35 lbs

Cornerstone Model

Cornerstone Model Time Capsule

  • 5 ½” in diameter
  • 12″ to 48 ” long
  • Extra heavy 3/16″ thick aluminum
  • End cap can be welded or epoxied
  • Liss.
  • Epoxy included
Part Number Overall Length Inches Capacity Cubic-Feet Approx. Weight
PN550-1 12 .14 6 lbs
PN550-2 24 .21 11 lbs
PN550-3 36 .29 17 lbs
PN550-4 48 .36 22 lbs

*Custom lengths are available at an additional charge
**Satin Emery Finish (suitable for display purposes) is also available

Time Capsules Dos & Dont’s

How to Prepare Your Time Capsule

American Aluminum Time Capsule
  • Choose the contents carefully. Make sure they’re suitable to the event, location, or chosen theme.
  • Use acid-free paper for typed or printed documents. DO NOT fold the papers sharply.
  • Separate contents by using polyethylene bags or boxes. DO NOT SEAL the bags!
  • DO NOT include rubber or plastic items that may emit acidic vapors.
  • DO NOT include vegetation or plants material.
  • Remove batteries from any electrical devices.
  • Remove corrosion from any metal objects.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry all contents before inserting them into the time capsule.
  • Wear gloves whenever handling anything that will go into the Time Capsule, so that the acid and oils on your skin don’t contaminate the contents.
  • Manufactured products are ideal for time capsules: power tools, watches, calculators, etc.
  • Magnetically recorded material may or may not last. If you wish to use it, be sure to include the playback device and a note about its operating voltage. DO NOT include batteries.