Hydroformed 6061-0 Aluminum .080” Thick
CNC Machined, Heat Treated, & Anodized
Hydroformed 3003-0 Aluminum .063” Thick
Pierced, Powder Painted, Iridite Chromate Coated & Assembled
Hydroformed 6061-0 Aluminum .063” Thick
Pierced, Blanking & Color Anodized Aluminum
CNC Machined, Blanking & Color Anodized Aluminum

Hydroformed Metal Parts

We specialize in the manufacture of hydroformed metal parts. Amalco combines a full range of secondary operations with proprietary hydroforming capabilities to fabricate difficult to manufacture parts. All operations are performed at our vertically-integrated New Jersey facility with no offshore outsourcing — Amalco delivers shorter lead times, higher quality and lower costs!

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American Aluminum Company is a leading manufacturer of hydroformed metal domes, covers, enclosures, and custom-made parts. We offer a vertically-integrated facility, with on-location engineering, designing, and prototyping services. We've been making metal parts in the USA for over 100 years, and we've earned a reputation for producing complex hydroformed parts other shops won't even quote.

  • Sizes: We start with blanks up to 21" in diameter and make hydroformed parts up to 15" in diameter & 10" deep
  • Materials: Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Monel®, mu-metal, nickel, stainless steel, steel, titanium, & specialty metals
  • Secondary Operations: Anodizing, assembling, blanking, CNC machining, dip brazing, forming, iriditing, heat treating, Heliarc® welding, painting (wet & powder), piercing, spinning, spot welding, trimming & swedging.

Hydroforming Process

The first step in hydroforming a metal part is choosing the right material. Our expert engineers will help you determine which alloy will best conform to your specifications. We can also source the material for you or work with metal sheets or rolls you already own. We then cut the metal into 21" blanks and prepare them for the hydroforming process.

The next step is forming a punch in the shape of the desired part. The metal blank is then placed onto a ring, located on top of the punch. A hydraulic chamber is then closed over the sheet metal blank and fluid pressure is applied to the top side of the unit. At the same time, the punch is pushed up into the blank and the pressure is increased. As a result, the pressure causes the blank to form and take the shape of the punch.

This process allows us to form complex shapes with concavities that would be nearly impossible to create with traditional die stamping methods. Since hydroformed metal parts are made from one piece of sheet metal, the results are seamless, so there's no need for additional pressure testing or X-rays. The hydroforming process is also less expensive than other metal forming methods, such as deep drawing, when producing small quantities.

If you are wondering if Amalco can hydroform your part, take a look at our Hydroformed Parts Gallery to get a sense of our capabilities.

Benefits of Hydroforming with Amalco

When you choose Amalco as your manufacturer of hydroformed parts, you get:

  • Design & Engineering Expertise: Our engineers have made countless hydroforming punches. We know exactly how to prepare each blank & preserve the integrity of the alloy — avoiding cracks and imperfections.
  • Reliable Customer Service: Our engineers are available to work with you from start to finish, whether you need assistance sourcing materials, finalizing your CAD drawings, or choosing secondary operations.
  • Value-Added Services: We perform many secondary operations on-site, allowing you to manage your entire project on one purchase order.

Contact Amalco's engineering support team early in your product development process. We can help you make design decisions and save money on tooling and production costs — all while delivering shorter lead times. Send us your CAD drawings today, and our expert engineers will help you get started.

Economics of Hydroforming

Tooling for a hydroformed part is typically less expensive than for a deep drawn part, since only a punch and ring are required. If the part can be hydroformed and relatively small quantities are desired, hydroforming provides a cost effective solution to forming the part.

Call us as early in your design stage as possible so we can help you benefit from the cost, performance, and material advantages of hydroforming and deep drawing.

Seamless Hydroformed Metal Parts

Seamless metal forming such as hydroforming eliminates much of the complexity associated with stamping, welding, and traditional metal fabricating. If seams are welded to prevent leakage, welding requires extra secondary inspections such as pressure testing and X-rays to detect voids and cracks. Where design requirements allow, choose seamless deep drawing and hydroforming over stamping or fabrication.

Check with our Engineering Support as early as possible in your product development, even before designs are finalized. We've been making metal parts in the USA for over 100 years, and have earned a reputation for deep drawing and hydroforming parts other shops declined to quote.

Quality System (Conforms to MIL-I-45208)

Going strong for 100 years!

With our MIL-Grade Quality System, our commercial customers enjoy the same critical quality control standards that have allowed us to deliver Defense Department contracted product for many years. Amalco employs the latest technologies in its QC inspection processes, and maintains its own QC Manual focused on a goal of "Zero Defects on All Products Produced."

Hydroforming and Secondary Operations

Hydroforming is a single operation performed on a specially prepared metal blank which shapes the metal resulting in a seamless (void-free) part. Our proprietary approach results in higher quality and usually alleviates the need to perform X-Ray analysis to confirm void free fabrication. Hydroforming can be followed by secondary operations which range from custom fabrication to light assemble to finishing.

Amalco is uniquely equipped to perform a full range of secondary operations including: spinning, stamping, and CNC machining all in one facility. Heliarc welding, spot welding, riveting, brazing (dip-brazing), heat treating, anodizing and painting performed on-site as one purchase order under one comprehensive quality assurance program, in our clean and efficient facility. Our integrated process results in shorter lead times and lower costs for most customers.

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